Who am I and why am I writing this blog?

I am a California attorney who passed the State Bar quiz in 1981.  At that point I was completely prepared to practice law and handle everything that came my way.  Wrong!

I ended up focusing on elder law and helping seniors with their estate planning.  Nothing that I needed to practice law in that field came from law school.  I learned that I had to be an attorney, psychologist, economist, and mediator all at the same time.


However, I managed to learn what I needed through my consultations with clients, and after 30 years in practice, I again decided that I knew everything I needed to know to help my clients, who were often seniors.

Then my parents (health) started to fail, and my in-laws started to fail, and my friends’ parents started to fail.  See the pattern here?  I then realized that advising my clients on things that they needed to do with their aging parents was totally different from actually doing them.  So again I, along with my wife, had to learn how to do “eldercare”.  Wow…what a challenge.

This blog is to share tips, stories (both funny and serious), ideas, technical information, comments on current events relating to elders and their care and more with my readers to help them navigate through the eldercare maze.  It is very difficult to articulate how difficult eldercare is unless you have begun your eldercare journey.  Then WACK, there it is!

– Stuart Furman