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After watching thousands of families struggle through the eldercare process, I wrote a book and accompanying guide that takes out all the guesswork for families starting their eldercare journey by showing them how to pack all the necessary information into one place.  Whether you go it alone or use a resource like my books, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of planning ahead.

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Eldercare tends to sneak up on everybody involved.  Fortunately, you can make your caregiving journey far easier by facing it head-on. The ElderCare Ready Book tells you what to expect and how to prepare for the challenges you’ll encounter.  Find it here…

The ElderCare Ready Pack is a powerful tool to manage an elder’s medical, financial, emotional, and logistical affairs.  It will tell  you what to expect, help you to prepare, demystify the confusing process of eldercare and provide a clear path forward.  Find it here…

Who am I and why am I writing this blog?

I am a California attorney who passed the State Bar quiz in 1981.  At that point I was completely prepared to practice law and handle everything that came my way.  Wrong!

I ended up focusing on elder law and helping seniors with their estate planning.  Nothing that I needed to practice law in that field came from law school.  I learned that I had to be an attorney, psychologist, economist, and mediator all at the same time.


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